First company in the world
To specialise in polysaccharide product derived from microalgae

About Prasinotech

Prasinotech is a trading and biotechnology company delivering healthy and natural ingredients for use in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products

Prasinotech focuses primarily on producing polysaccharide products from natural marine sources. Being the first company in the world to specialise in polysaccharide products derived from microalgae, Prasinotech takes a leading position in what we believe will be the future in sustainable production of natural ingredients.

Prasinotech has the ambition of becoming a large global company, and addresses and complies with governmental ambition for the future of sustainable industrial production. Prasinotech represents the future of green technology and sustainable production of natural resources.

Prasinotech is a joint venture company and the result of successful collaboration projects between the two biotech companies Glycomar Ltd (Scotland) and MicroA (Norway).

Together the two completement each other in a unique way as Glycomar has expertise in generating valuable intellectual property from microalgae, and MicroA has expertise in production and processing of microalgae.
Joining these forces to one, enables us to turn scientific data and research, into actual novel ingredients ready for use. Our first product Prasinoguard targets the active ingredient market for cosmetic products.

Glycomar & Micro A